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ECO-POPPER: Wireless Underwater Live Video Camera

As seen on Outdoor Channel, CES and ICAST, Eco-Popper is a an underwater video camera designed for top-water fishing, that streams live HD video of the underwater action to your smartphone. Eco-Popper floats on top of the water (just like a regular fishing popper) and by using its unique 135x90 degrees wide-angle camera, it can take video looking down to 10-12 ft. By streaming live video on the spot, Eco-Popper helps you take the right decisions instantly and catch more fish:

  • Are there any fish in my area? What type and size?

  • What is the right bait that I should use?

  • Discover underwater structures and best spots to catch fish

Eco-Popper is extremely flexible and can be used in several ways:

As a camera AND top-water lure! Eco-Popper is designed as a real top-water fishing lure (Popper) that you can cast. It floats on the water surface and operates well in both freshwater and saltwater. Its special wide-angle camera can catch HD video down to 10-12 ft.

When removing its back hook, Eco-Popper can trail any bait behind it and catch footage of the fish attacks. This allows for deeper fishing using live bait or crankbaits.

Remove all hooks and use Eco-Popper for scouting the waters. It is the ultimate tool for avid anglers preparing for the fishing season, and for anglers preparing for tournaments.

  • No Internet required! Eco-Popper creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that your smartphone connects to

  • Easy to operate: no caps, no cumbersome switches, no SD card

  • Live, instant HD 720p video to your smartphone. No need to return home to watch your videos

  • Completely waterproof, operates well in freshwater and saltwater

  • Wide-angle camera (135 x 90) for catching underwater footage down to 10-12 ft.

  • Ultra-high sensitivity camera for low light conditions

  • Built-in water temperature and salinity sensors, a key factor for pro fishing

  • Dedicated automatic fishing logging app for iOS / Android

  • 70 minutes of continuous use with a rechargeable battery

  • 8 different colors available



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