What is Eco-Popper?

Eco-Popper is the world’s first digital fishing lure, equipped with an embedded high-definition camera and sensors which enable it to stream live underwater video and data directly to your smartphone.

How does Eco-Popper work?

Eco-Popper is designed as a topwater lure, which means that it floats on the water’s surface. It contains an embedded wide-angle high-definition camera in the back of the lure (capturing the rear view of the popper), along with a Wi-Fi module and antenna as well as a series of sensors. As soon as Eco-Popper hits the water, or when you touch its activation pin, Eco-Popper is activated and creates a Wi-Fi access point. You then use your smartphone and the Eco-Popper app to connect to Eco-Popper’s access point to begin streaming live video of the underwater action as well as information from the lure’s sensors.

What are Eco-Popper's core features?

Live video streaming using the lure’s high-sensitivity, wide-angle HD camera. Built-in sensors for measuring water temperature and salinity, key factors in good fishing

What are the benefits of using Eco-Popper?

The Eco-Popper can provide great insights into your fishing, which include: Scouting new waters, looking for the right fishing spots – you can fish the Eco-Popper with or without the hooks. Recording and sharing your strikes and fishing sessions. Getting real-time water metrics like temperature and salinity. Learning from your videos and Eco-Popper data on how to improve your techniques and become a better angler.

What are Eco-Popper's dimensions and weight?

Dimensions: Length 4.5“ (11.4 cm), Max Width 1.3’’ (3.3 cm), Max Height 1.5’’ (3.9 cm). Weight: 2.5oz. (70 grams)

Can Eco-Popper be used in freshwater and saltwater?

Yes! Eco-Popper is designed for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

How can I get the Eco-Popper app?

Eco-Popper's app is available for both iOS (iOS 8 and higher) and Android-based (4.3 and higher) smartphones. The app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

What can I do with the Eco-Popper app?

The Eco-Popper app enables you to connect to your Eco-Popper and view, save and share live videos of the underwater action. It also enables to keep a private fishing log with your favorite fishing spots and to view live water quality metrics (with more features on the way).

What are Eco-Popper's tech specs?

Ultra-high sensitivity, wide-angle (135° x 90°), 720p HD camera. Video Format: HD 1280 x 720, 25FPS, H.264 MP4. Wi-Fi module supporting distance of up to 90ft (27 m). Rechargeable battery with 70 minutes of continuous use. Water temperature and water salinity sensors.

How is Eco-Popper powered?

Eco-Popper contains a built-in rechargeable battery. We supply a special charger that can be connected to any standard USB power source.

How long does Eco-Popper operate until it needs to be recharged?

Eco-Popper can work for up to 70 minutes of full continuous use.

How do I recharge my Eco-Popper?

You recharge your Eco-Popper with the provided charger. Connect the charger to a USB power source using the provided USB cable or any standard USB cable and make sure the LED light turns green. Then just stick the charger to Eco-Popper’s body over the pins on its side (the powerful magnetic pins will help you locate the exact position). When the LED light turns red, the Eco-Popper is recharging. When the LED light turns off, it means that Eco-Popper is fully charged and you can disconnect it from the charger.

How long does it take to recharge my Eco-Popper?

About 60 minutes for a full charge. For non-stop fishing, use two Eco-Popper devices: every time one Eco-Popper runs out of battery you can switch to a second Eco-Popper, while recharging the first one from your boat USB power source or using a USB power bank.

How do I check Eco-Popper's battery level?

When you connect to Eco-Popper to the app and go to the live video screen, a battery status indicator appears on the top. After a few seconds, the battery indicator will display the current battery level.

How far can I cast my Eco-Popper?

Eco-Popper can transmit live video from up to 90 feet (27 meters).

How does Eco-Popper connect with my phone?

It is very easy! Eco-Popper uses Wi-Fi and creates a Wi-Fi access point that begins with “Eco-Popper” followed by a series of four unique characters. Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your smartphone, then locate Eco-Popper’s access point and connect to it.

How does Eco-Popper trasmit live underwater video?

Eco-Popper has a built-in Wi-Fi module and antenna, located on the top of the popper and covered by a protective fin. It also contains a wide-angle HD camera on its back capturing the rear view of the popper (135 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically). Since Eco-Popper is a topwater lure, it floats on the water’s surface and most of the time its antenna is not covered by water. This enables Eco-Popper to transmit live underwater video of the fishing action.

What is included with Eco-Popper?

Eco-Popper comes with its special USB charger, a USB cable and 2 additional silver hooks (2 black hooks are already mounted on the Eco-Popper)